Game Changer: Coach Kill vs. Epilepsy

Lex Minnick, Editor, Business Manager

University of Minnesota, Division I football coach, Jerry Kill, is known for more than just his coaching skills for over 32 years. Inspirational, genuine, and inspiring are just a few words that come to mind when Coach Kill is mentioned.

The epilepsy community has only positive things to say about Coach Kill, who has been dealing with a seizure disorder for over a decade and recently it has become the worst it’s been. Retirement came upon him quickly, but not unexpectedly.

Always known for helping others in the community, specifically those with epilepsy. Kill dedicated a certain time every year for the past three seasons to hold games dedicated to epilepsy awareness. Kids with epilepsy were allowed to come along with their parents and watch games. Medics were nearby for safety precautions.

Wayne Dash and his son, Billy Dash, have more than just an everyday connection with Coach Kill. He truly changed their lives for the better.

Kill also started the Chasing Dreams fund to educate those on seizure awareness and also formed a summer camp for kids with epilepsy to attend.

Mr. Dash took Billy to Kill’s awareness game where Billy got to personally meet Kill. That moment changed his entire life. A video clip of Kill and Billy went out on YouTube where a neurologist from Memphis came across it. The doctor then contacted the family, telling them he could help Billy.

Nearing the end of December, Billy got a surgery where they inserted something similar to a pacemaker but for the brain. Instead of having 3-4 seizures a day, he now only has approximately one a month. If Billy never had met Kill, his life may not have changed for the better.

Cedric Thompson Jr. tweeted, “One of the greatest men I’ve ever met. Love you coach! Coaching or not, I know you will continue touch lives!” Clearly Kill’s inspiration will continue to last, due to his continuous fighting.