Golden State Gunning for Records


Courtesy of Tribune News Service

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

DeShawn Smith, Staff Reporter

Michael Jordan and the 95-96’ Chicago Bulls have the NBA record for best NBA League Record with 72-10. The record that has been held for 20 years is in jeopardy this year by the Golden State Warriors.

The NBA reigning champs are looking to repeat their championship run and winning it all at the end. Championship is the main goal but on the roll they are on they are on the way on beating the the record for most wins in the NBA season.

Last night on Monday, the Golden State Warriors were the fastest team to reach 50 wins against the Atlanta Hawks. They have won 50 of their last 55 games. Losing to only five teams: Milwaukee Bucks, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, and the Portland Trail Blazers, their worst loss of the season, by 32, behind Portland’s Damian Lillard, who dropped 51 points on them.

What are the chances of Golden State Warriors beating the Chicago Bulls record?

  1. They have the best backcourt in the NBA. Reigning MVP Stephen Curry who is averaging 29.8 points per game, 5.3 rebounds per game, and 6.6 assists. Fellow teammate Klay Thompson completes the great backcourt. Klay Thompson has the record for scoring the most points in a single quarter, scoring 37, making 13 for 13, 9 coming from the three point line. With Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson scoring from deep, they have been known as the Splash Brothers.
  2. Have a great presence on defense in Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut. Draymond Green having his best season of his career averaging 14 points per game, 9.7 rebounds per game, and 7.3 assists per game. He is also the leader in triple-doubles, having 11. Andrew Bogut is more on the defensive side helping the team in rebounding and blocks averaging 1.8 blocks per game.
  3. They have a coach with NBA Championship experience in Steve Kerr. Steve Kerr was part of the Bulls team with the great 72-10 record. He has won championships with the San Antonio Spurs and the Chicago Bulls.
  4. They have a former starter in Andre Iguodala

The chances of the Golden State Warriors beating the 95-96’ Bulls record are high. According to CNN reporter, Andy Scholes, Stephen Curry had some words about the record:

There’s not many opportunities that you probably have to go after that record. Obviously, going to win a championship, that’s the main goal. But there’s a reason that we’re still talking about that ’95-’96 Bulls team that was able to accomplish the 72-and-10 record. They were on a mission that year and ended up winning the championship as well. So that’s kind of where we want to be. But when you have a shot at history and being the best regular-season team in the history of the NBA, I think you’ve got to go for it.”

Fellow senior Joe Mosher said, “out of all the teams I’ve seen, this team has the best chance on beating the record. Even though I don’t like Curry, I know that he is good and is the next big thing.”