Can you Win the Billion-Dollar Bracket Challenge? (No.)

An extra level of insanity during March Madness

DeShawn Smith, Staff Reporter

Do you want to win a billion dollars? Who wouldn’t? All you need to do is go on the NCAA march madness app or site and create the perfect bracket. Guess what teams will win it and which teams will lose.

What are the chances of you actually getting the perfect bracket? Not high. It’s actually super low. According to Chicago Tribune, the chances of winning the perfect bracket challenge is 1 to 9.2 quintillion, that is, 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.

A mathematics professor at DePaul University, Jeff Bergen, found out the ration and determined that it is nearly impossible to complete the flawless bracket.

The chances of winning the bracket is slim. You have a better chance at winning the Mega Millions two times in a row by only buying one ticket each time (Chicago Tribune). Bergen experimented and stated that, if you flip a coin 63 times in a row, if it lands on tails that’s a failed bracket, so in order to get the perfect bracket you have to flip heads 63 times in a row.

According to USA Today, one person every four- hundred years would win the perfect bracket, and that’s only if everyone in the United States of America filled out a complete bracket.

On Thursday, March 18, My bracket already ended do to upsets from Yale, Arizona, USC, Seton Hall, and Purdue. As of press time, over 100 people still have a chance to win the billion dollars.

Experienced bracketologists will tell you that basketball knowledge, logic, statistics, and sheer luck luck will not work completely the way you hope they will. The bracket challenge is just one impossible challenge to win the chances are slim, nonexistent, and impossible.

Fellow school mates had following things to say about the bracket challenge.

Josh Lee, “The bracket challenge is stupid. Why make a bracket if it’s just gonna let you down after the first round. I only watch the team I want to win it all and that’s all. UNC all the way!”

Darius White, “I go for the perfect bracket because I just like the feeling of competition. Watching the games are the best part because most of them are close and some are blowouts but they actually play real basketball unlike the NBA.”