District Begins Huge Artificial Turf Project

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

During spring break Indian River High school has started the long awaited renovations on the track and football field. They are putting in turf instead of the “average joe” field that we had before which basically consisted of soil and grass.

The new improvements are needed and in the end will make the athletes feel like they have an equitable home field to host games (comparable to other local schools which already turf). The new field is set to be completed sometime this summer and should be fully accessible by the start of the new school year.

This project should be exciting  for the underclassmen but is a downer for some of the senior athletes that will not be around to enjoy the new and improved track and football field, the construction of which is definitely inconvenient for those who take part in a current spring sport. It is especially an impediment to the members of both the boys and girls track teams.

Although there is an indoor track, there is not enough room for it to fit both teams. The coaches have done a great job putting the areas that are available to the team to good use. The parking lot in in the back of the school, near the middle school has been set up as a temporary practice space. There are markers on the asphalt that have been drawn with paint to help the runners identify their starting and finishing points, and also where the fly zones for hand offs are located. The shotput ring has also been moved to that space, so that the throwers have a place to practice as usual.



Looking at the field right now, which seems to be a giant pit of mud, it is evident that there is a lot of work that still needs to be done, but there are construction workers out there day by day and there seems to be some progression. The multi-million-dollar project, approved by voters, is a beneficial advancement of the Indian River athletics department and will be useful to all future students that want to enjoy it. Even though the departing seniors will not be able to benefit and the students who are active in spring sports have to find other places to conduct practices; the Indian River athletic administration and staff have worked overtime to make this a positive thing for students.