New Turf Field and Athletic Areas Expensive and Delayed


Bre Williams, Staff Reporter

Although it was finally able to be used for the first time for the Oct. 14th home game, many students and staff question why the artificial turf wasn’t done for the homecoming game this fall.

The turf was scheduled to be done on September 23, 2016, in time for the homecoming game. In Board of Education documents, Project Engineer Mr. Marsenion stated that “there have been some ongoing issues with the turf installation.” These included “ripples in the turf and excessive glue on the seams.” Mr. Marsenion asked the contractor for a new (more experienced) installation crew to finish the turf as well as a different supervision and leadership.

There has also been other changed plans with different things being built, such as the track around the field, additions to the south side of the school calling it the overall area the “athletic complex.”

There have been various difficulties with the track, there was a large area just left as a blacktop. Mr. Kuba, science teacher at IRHS and varsity track coach, asked for consideration to make the rest of that part of the track as well.   This meant topping the area with the same surface, not just asphalt. During the Buildings and Grounds committee’s walk-through they agreed that as well, this was estimated to cost an additional $4,460.

Mr. Kuba’s 360-degree view of the area is available here.

The bleachers and press box have been finished for awhile, standing empty while athletes and fans were forced to travel elsewhere for “home” games.

In the B&G committee minutes, “Mr. Koch provided the financial update. He reported that the project is project is 60.45% expended, $20,169,153 in construction value in place as of the end of August 2016.  He noted that  the team was reconciling allowance expenditures in order to do final change orders in October.”

Was the $20M project worth doing?  Time will tell.