Varsity Football Reaches Sectionals, Goes to Dome


Very few expected the team to go so far this year.

Emily Martinez, Staff Reporter

The local football team known for winning the State Championships in 2014 is still a force to be reckoned with.

Captain of the current Indian River varsity football team, Anthony Burris, a sixteen year old also known as AJ, is focused on striving for the win of the sectional championships.

He is known for being a good captain to the team and pushes them to do better in future games.

As I questioned Anthony, we discussed how the team had to win to move onto sectionals. The first questioned I asked involved moving onto sectionals to face Whitesboro once again.

“How does it feel to win the ESM game to move onto sectional championships?”

He replied, “The feeling of winning the game was spontaneous, because they counted us out. The [media] wrote articles about ESM and Whitesboro rematching in the dome, leaving Indian River out with no chance. Even though we got off to a shaky start we made a lot of progress to get to where we are. So with that idea in our head we had quite a lot to prove that night. We walked into the game with our heads held high and our hearts filled with pride.”

To keep up with consistent confidence in a whole team is very important, because if they believe what they can do, then losing won’t be an option to them. They will continue to thrive and prosper as the move on with the games.

To add onto questioning Anthony, I inquired about as captain what is being done to prepare your team to go against Whitesboro in such a big event?

Anthony’s response was, “I’ve been exaggerating focus and to be prepared for what’s coming. And I’ve been pushing mental toughness and also minimal errors on execution.”

“On Monday we watched film on Whitesboro to watch our mental mistakes and faults in our last encounter. And in practice we’ve been trying to execute our plays down to the bone. Coach Marcel has been telling us to focus and be prepared.”

Being captain of the football team means he has to be guiding and influencing the team to take the right paths.

I was able to ask Anthony about his contributions to the team, I questioned him with, “As wide receiver/safety do you think you will contribute enough to the team for this game?” And his response was very assertive, “Last time we played Whitesboro, I couldn’t contribute to the team enough, because of my injury. But now I’m ready to go, so hopefully I can have a big impact in our next encounter.”

As I continued to question Anthony he showed that he is very proud of his team and how hard they have been working, in each response he would give.

Anthony is very certain of what his team can do and he is very appreciative of what they have been doing.

The last question I had asked was, “Do you think as a team you guys will be confident enough to beat Whitesboro?” He became very pensive at that moment but he answered with, “Yes we are confident enough to beat them, we lost to them earlier in the season but continued to fight to get a rematch at the sectional championships.”