Indian River’s Best Pep Rally…Ever?


Briana Hemingway, Staff Reporter

Indian River High School wanted to make this years pep rally different. Sometimes, pep rally is not all that exciting for people just sitting in the stands, so the coaches of the Varsity Football and Cheer team thought it would be a good idea for the cheerleaders to teach the football players one of the cheerleader’s favorite dances.

Mostly all the football players on this year’s team joined in to learn the dance which was taught three times during the week of pep rally.

Some were hesitant at first because they didn’t know what others would think but we assured them it would be fun and they joined in. They showed their excitement in learning the dance every day that they came to practice.

There were challenges in teaching the dance because some football players can learn plays but were having trouble with choreography. Full disclosure, this reporter is a senior on the Cheer squad, but the reaction shows the ballers ended up being amazing at it.

When the day of pep rally came everyone in the stands were anxious to see what the football players and cheerleaders were going to do. Some didn’t not know what was going on so it was a great surprise in store for them.

The crowd cheered when we all started dancing together and everyone loved it.

Another way pep rally was different this year was the teachers also made up choreography to Drake’s popular song “In My Feelings” and as well as another popular internet-challenge song “Baby Shark” (see our further coverage in our Spirit Week slideshow).