IR Cheerleaders Win the Frontier League Championship



Briana Hemingway, Staff Reporter

The Indian River Cheerleaders recently won one of their most important cheer competitions against their cheer rival, Carthage, at Copenhagen Central School this Tuesday in the Class “A” division. They also got highest score of the day, and South Jefferson following behind in the Class “B” division.

The Indian River coach, Rebecca Rowley also won coach of the year for the Division “A” section of the competition. Along with Alexis DeMarco, Madison Canall, Lindzy Barbee and Briana Hemingway who won “All Star” awards at this competition.

The winners of the night were; Sandy Creek in the Class “C” division. South Jefferson in the Class “B” division and Indian River in Class “A” who all took home first place metal’s and Frontier League banners to hang up at their school.

Frontier League is a very important competition for many schools in the Northern New York area. It is when you go against the team or teams in your league. Indian River is known for winning their Frontier League games in nearly every sport.

The cheerleaders also won their previous competition on the Saturday before which was a great start to their season. This is one of the few years Indian River has competed in the Co-Ed division rather than all girls. Their last competition is Section 3 which is when they go against all co-ed teams in Section 3 which include; Carthage, Oriskany, Chittenango, Phoenix, and Thousand Islands.