NY Giants: Another Rough Season

Kwazsi Gaddis, Sports Editor

If you are a New York Giants fan, is not too late to hurry and switch teams. The Giants currently have a 1-6 record so far this season.

The Giants are on pace to have yet another unsuccessful season. Last season the Giants finished 3-13 in the regular season; giving them the 2nd pick in; which they used to grab running back, Saquon Barkley.

Despite the bad play of the New York Giants, Saquon Barkley is actually having a really successful season individually. Barkley currently has 481 yards in total on the season, and averaging 4.9 yard per carry.

We asked several students along with a teacher here at Indian River their opinions on how the New York Giants were doing this season.

This is what IRHS Giants fans had to say about the season:

Senior Joseph Twitty: “They suck.”

Senior Gavin Silberberg: “I don’t really care about them anymore, you know what, go Cowboys.”

Senior Nathan Mills: “Honestly dog, I’m not gonna lie we’re not as good as I thought we would be, if we get rid of Eli Manning we’ll be straight bro.”

Mrs. McIntyre: “I feel like they made some mistakes in the preseason, as far as the moves in the coaching staff”.

According to the responses we got back from NFL fans here at Indian River, the New York Giants aren’t satisfying their fans with their recent play. Like every year, the percentage of the Super Bowl favorites will increase, and the the percentage of Giants fans will slowly decrease as it approaches week 16.