Editorial: Please, Please, PAINT THE FENCE


Photo by the author, Quentin Adams.

Quentin Adams, Community Contributor

[The following is an opinion piece by one student, but has been unanimously endorsed by the Warrior Ink staff as an editorial.]

Indian River High School has an amazing gym. The school recently had two glorious, shiny, and BLUE scoreboards installed. The color of these recently acquired upgrades  are navy blue with Columbia blue trim. These are our school colors. They are one of Indian River’s defining features; as such, the entire gym is seen with these colors, from the lines that define our basketball court, the color of our bleachers, or the color of the  banners that represent Indian River’s numerous athletic achievements.

So WHY in the world do we have a gross, faded, and PINK rail surrounding our entire gym?! It’s not even a nice vibrant pink, but the color of canned tuna.Ugh!

This needs to change. We need to paint this monstrosity that is tarnishing our glorious court. It needs to be blue, beautiful Indian River blue. We have an amazing school, thanks to a generous amount of money from the government [get those Impact Aid forms in, kids!]. I’m certain our absolutely amazing school can buy a few cans of paint. If labor cost or availability is an issue obstructing the complete the look of our gym, we could save the school money and have students volunteer to paint the railing–and receive volunteer hours in return. THAT would be a real win-win. We can make a change, we can make our school better.

Fellow Warriors, please, the next time you’re in the gym, look around. If you feel pride for your school standing in that gym, look at that fence. It’ll stand out…because it’s PINK. When you’re standing there, surrounded by Indian River achievements forever fashioned in blue, look at the fence. When you’re in the gym and see the Columbia blue bleachers, then look up and see a PINK fence, think about it. 

We are Warriors, we are the ones who have been here for 3 years now, and some of us spend a lot of time in that gym. Do you really want to let such an abomination continue to bother future Warriors?! We can change this, we can bring our school one step closer to perfection. It’s in our hands, fellow Warriors. Don’t let our school have a faded, dated, and PINK fence.