Are NFL Ratings Tanking Because of Anthem Protests?


Composite image by Anderson Graphics.

Joshua York, Sports Editor

Since the beginning of 2020 everything has seemed to go downhill for the NFL with TV ratings and viewership. With the riots and covid pandemic eating away at everything you think sports would be a good way to get away from the mess.

 According to Sports Media Watch the viewership for Fox has actually increased unlike channels such as CBS, and ESPN. The ratings however have decreased significantly dropping to an all time low losing 70%  in week three of the NFL season. 

The demographics of this data include ages from 18-49.

So are NFL ratings tanking? Well it depends on what channel you view the games. Most channel ratings are tanking and still show that based on the ratings of week 7. However Fox has ratings and viewership numbers that are steadily increasing. This could be a result of the election with more and more people tuning into Fox and leaving the tv on.

The numbers on some of the other channels could be a result of the debate on kneeling during the anthem or the riots and protest for equality and race discrimination. Some people see this as wrong when others see it as an opportunity to protest because they feel oppressed.