Warrior Ink

2018-2019 Staff

Kwazsi Gaddis

Sports Editor

Our Indian River girls basketball team is currently off to a great start. The lady Warriors are now undefeated, sitting at a record of 4-0. Coming off a big win against Watertown Tuesday night, the warriors looks to use that momentum going into thei...

Kira Grega

Staff Reporter

Kira Grega is a senior at Indian River High School; she’s 17 years old. She is from Alexandria Bay, NY. She chose Journalism because she loves writing and taking pictures. She plans to join the Army after high school. She wants to eventually become ...

Angelique Izquierdo

Science/Tech Editor

Angelique is a Senior here at IRHS, and our Science/Tech Editor for Warrior Ink. Angelique likes journalism because it has a career path, and she loves to read (just not horror books). She's involved in the fall drama production, and her future plan...

Luke Sandoval

Photo Editor

Luke Sandoval is a Senior at IRHS. He is the Photo Editor for Warrior Ink, and has a real passion for the artistic side of photography. Luke is originally from Tucson, Arizona but moved to Ohio and then moved here, to Philadelphia, during his freshman year. He ha...

Makayla Parker

Health Editor

Makayla Parker, is a bright Sophomore student here at IRHS. When not at school, she loves spending time with her family and playing video games. Her plans for the future are to go to college, and possibly become a CSI investigator. She is originally from Californ...

Ashley Torres

Business Manager

Ashley Torres is 17 and a Senior at IRHS. Her mom is retired Army. She wants to go to fredonia college. Listens to Oldies. Loves community service. She watches dramas of any kind whenever she can. American Horror Story is her favorite show. Flipped b...

Konner Berlund

Staff Reporter

Konner is 16, and Junior at IRHS. He's lived in NNY his whole life, but would like to live in Germany someday. His favorite thing to do is shopping, but he also spends a lot of his free time drawing, including portraits of famous people. He likes pizza, cand...

Gabe Coleman

Entertainment Editor

Gabe is 17, a Senior at IRHS. He joined the staff of Warrior Ink thinking it would be fun to write in the school newspaper and to have his opinion “out there.” As one of our Co-Editors for Entertainment, Gabe wants you to know his (current) fav...

Kwazsi Gaddis

Sports Editor

Kwazsi is 17 years old, a senior at IRHS, his birthday is in December if you want to get him something nice. He chose journalism because English is his favorite subject. His plans after high school involve going to college (hopefully UCONN). He has 2 sib...

Chelsea Coss

Editor In Chief

Chelsea Coss is a Senior at Indian River and the new Editor in Chief of the Warrior Ink school paper. Chelsea was drawn to the position of editor in chief because of the different writing opportunities, and, yeah, it looks good on a college application. ...

Robert Jackson

Entertainment Editor

Robert is a Junior here at IRHS. He's a military kid, born in Virginia, but calls Northern New York home as he's lived here the longest. He's also interested in visiting Ireland, Japan, and Italy. His favorite class right now is Forensics class becaus...

Briana Hemingway

Staff Reporter

Briana Hemingway is a Senior, and a Varsity cheerleader. She has four siblings--and military parents--and her family has moved a bunch of times. Briana has lived in South Korea, even. Her favorite musician is Drake. Her favorite subject in school is s...

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