Warrior Ink

Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez is a Junior here at Indian River, although she has decided to cut her high school years short, and graduate early. She has grown up in a military household and has lived in several places before New York, such as Colorado and Texas. She's a participant in Varsity girls indoor and outdoor track. You may have seen Emily outside of school, working at the local Domino's Pizza. Outside school, she also  upholds her Bieber obsession and makeup addiction. And when she's not Twitter-stalking Kylie Jenner or stuffing her face with Panda Express, her free time consists of Netflix, food, sleep, and repeat. After high school she plans to major in film and photography and NYU or Texas A&M. She hopes to do some traveling to places such and Germany and Mexico--but before all of that she plans on checking sky diving off of her bucket list.

Emily Martinez, Staff Reporter

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Emily Martinez