Violence in Our Society


Hector Amezcua

Courtesy of MCTCampus

Within the past week and a half, there has been a shooting, a teacher murdered, and a child shot by the police. The first incident was on Monday, October 21. A twelve year old boy, whose name was just revealed by the LA Times, Jose Reyes, brought a gun to his Nevada middle school. There were two fatalities, including his own life, and a beloved math teacher in the school who put himself between the students and the gunmen. The teacher, Mike Landsberry, was a former service member and is now being hailed as a hero for giving up his life to protect his student’s lives.

The second incident was discovered on Tuesday, October 22. A teacher, Colleen Ritzer, was reported missing on Tuesday night and her body was found shortly before 3 am on Wednesday morning. A fourteen year old boy, Philip Chism, is being charged for the murder of Ritzer. Ritzer asked Chism to stay after school for help, when she went to the bathroom, he followed her and ended up killing her and disposing of her body in the woods near the school grounds. His trial is not complete, but he is being tried as an adult.

The third and final event, for now, was on Thursday, October 24 when cops shot a thirteen year old boy, Andy Lopez Cruz. Cruz was carrying a toy gun and the cops mistook him as a real gun men, and when the boy did not put his gun down the cops shot him seven times. There were seven wounds and two of the wounds were fatal. These string of events are very unfortunate in the community and country as a whole, especially for the families involved.