“Oliver!” Production – Local Theatre in Watertown

Watertown Lyric Theater presented Oliver! The Musical on the first, second, and third of November. The community play, based on the 1838 “Oliver Twist” novel by Charles Dickens, adapted as a musical by Lionel Bart.  The show was produced by Kevin R. Kitto and directed by Daniel Davis; it included around forty children among the rest of an adult cast.

The four performances were located in the Dulles State Office Building Auditorium, and the outcome, acting, and overall experience was exceptional. While talent of all ages came together for the performance, the audience was also engaged in the complex, dark scenery of the play and the overall ‘artfulness’ in which the actors portrayed the complex story line.

It was definitely a grand show, but this clearly wasn’t Watertown Lyric Theater’s first production, and it definitely won’t be their last. In fact, they already have two more shows planned for the near future: Monty Python’s Spamalot (on April 2014) and The Wizard Of Oz (Watertown Youth Theater, August 2014). That may seem far away, but this is just to show that it isn’t too early to start thinking about auditioning for a spot in your local community theater,  if that’s what interests you, or remember to getting tickets.

Contact the Lyric Theater group by phone at (315) 775-8474 or email: [email protected]  You can also visit their website.