Convicted Child Murder in Ohio Gets Delay in Death Penalty

Convicted Child Murder in Ohio Gets Delay in Death Penalty

Imagine you’re on death row, and that isn’t a penalty given unless you’ve done something really terrible, your heart is pounding and your knees feel uneasy as you hear words like ‘execution’ and ‘lethal injection.’ What would you do to try to delay your punishment?

It makes it hard to understand the motives behind Ronald Phillips’s sudden decision to donate his organs. Was he trying to delay his execution? Or did he really want to make one last attempt to do good before he met his end?

Phillips was sentenced in 1993 for raping and killing the daughter of his girlfriend, a victim who was only 3 years old. It was only recently that he came up with the idea to donate his organs, he had a long time to come to that conclusion and probably could have come up with something sooner if kindness was his only motivation.

The process of donating organs before an execution is possible but it takes some time to get everything settled. If Ronald is able to donate his organs it would be a service that could save a life. It’s a tough case to approach and an even harder one to conclude. That leaves just one question that will inevitably follow, what precedent will this set for others with the death penalty?

As of press time, Phillips still has not been executed.