What is Your Destiny? Let’s Hope it’s Not the “Collapse” of Mankind


The upcoming game Destiny, featured on a level in Halo 3:ODST (as seen on cover picture) will be released sometime in  2014. Reports say that the game will be ‘alive,’ considering that many of the in-game events will not be planned/designed by the developer. This game will be an always-online first-person shooter. The game was first to described as an MMO (massively multiplayer game), but lacks many of the MMO characteristics. Since it’s not classified as an MMO, it will be known as an on-the-fly matchmaking game which allows players to see and interact only with other players they are ‘matched’ with by the game.

Destiny is set 700 years into the future in a post-apocalyptic setting followed by a period of peace, exploration, and technological advancement. Humans managed to colonize planets in the solar system, then something called “the Collapse” happened. “The Collapse” is represents the fall of mankind on all the colonized planets except for Earth. Those who were living on Earth when “the collapse” happened  were saved by “the Traveler,” a white, sphere that first allowed humans to reach the stars. The Traveler is now floating above the last remaining human city, and because it is there it allows the “Guardians of the City” to use an unknown power.

As far as characters go, there will be three races to choose from. Humans who are described as tough and uncomplicated, are derived from the characteristics of the military, professional athletes, and action heroes. “Awoken” who are mysterious, beautiful, and exotic are derived from pictures of elves, vampires, ghosts and angels. And “Exo,” the evil, sinister, and tireless race inspired by combining the undead, Master Chief, and The (bad) Terminators from Skynet.

Along with each race there are three classes to choose from. Hunters who are basically bounty hunters. Warlocks who are described as “space wizards.” And the Titan class which is derived from the classic “future soldier.”

Destiny will be released for the  Playstation 3 and 4 platforms, as well as the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One.  Sadly there is no exact release date, so just keep your eyes peeled for the next big game.