Get Your Game Face On

Recently the NFL has has some issues with its players and the law. Several finding themselves in trouble due to domestic abuse. Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens (formally), Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, and Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers have all found themselves watching their teams from the couch instead of playing due to abuse cases.

The recent Ray Rice scandal has caused controversy and anger with many people. After a video surfaced of Rice striking his wife unconscious in an elevator, he was suspended indefinitely by the NFL and released by the Ravens. With all of the domestic abuse cases woman’s activist Adele Stan reflected on the issues by editing a photo campaign of a Ravens female football fan with the quote “ Get your game face on”. Later, a photoshopped photo of the female football fan who originally had eye make up that matched the team’s jersey colors but now had a black eye, was released and has been appearing all over social media.  Nike, including several other sponsors have recently dropped their endorsement deals with Rice. Covergirl is not yet sure of what the ad will do to the popularity and use of their brand but they seem to support the idea.

Though domestic abuse cases seem to have been happening often, the NFL has stopped players from playing until the issues are resolved.Greg Hardy agreed to be placed on the commissioners exempt list which suspends him from playing, Adrian Peterson is on an exemption waiver until child abuse charges are resolved, And Ray Rice’s career seems to be over in the NFL.