Texas Longhorns Lose Players Due To Rule Violations

With NFL the season in full swing, all players are trying their hardest to find their spot on the starting squad. Many teams, not only in the NFL, have found that players frequently use performance enhancing drugs in order to make themselves look, and play better. First year coach, Charlie Strong of the NCAA’s Texas Longhorns, who has taken over for Mark Brown, has tried to keep his players on track and focused through the efforts of random drug testing.

Charlie Strong, wants to double last years drug testing efforts on the team. From 2010 – 2013 the Texas Longhorns administered nearly 104 drug tests per year under the coaching of Brown. Within Strong’s first 8 months, he has given a total of 188 drug tests to random members of the team. Strong has dismissed 9 players from the program since January and currently has two more suspended for unsaid rule violations. 33 more players were tested between April 11th – July 19th and 3 Texas players have been dismissed for violating team rules. Players Joe Bergeron, Jalen Overstreet, Chevoski Collins, Desmond Harrison, and Kennedy Estelle have been suspended indefinitely while linebacker Deoundrei Davis has been kicked off  the team. Other players names were not released. Strong has shown that no matter the importance of the player, rule violations will not be tolerated. The data gathered by statesman does not indicate how many players have been dismissed for positive drug tests.

Strong has been showing within his first months of coaching that he is serious about rules and regulations. All Texas players are learning that rule violations are a serious matter. Even though the Longhorns have said goodbye to some fellow players, and may have to say goodbye to some more, the Longhorns are not discouraged and still have positive thoughts of their new coach and future seasons.