It seems that you aren’t safe anywhere. Monday, an Iranian gunman took 17 patrons hostage at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Australia. Two hostages and the gunman, identified as Man Haron Monis, were announced dead after a barrage of gunfire occurred in order to free the captured clients.


Even after the death of Monis there is still unrest amongst the Islamic community residing in Australia. Mainly the women, who are easily identified by their religious garb, feel targeted. When worn the hijab covers the hair, neck, and shoulders: however, allows the face to remain in sight.


The hashtag originated from Twitter user @SirTessa after a Muslim woman timidly removed her head garment before boarding a train. Immediately, she approached the woman and iconically said, “I’ll ride with you.”


The hashtag was received well with most of the public. Many people have already retweeted to show their support of the hashtag.
Other opposers have been vocal about their disinterest in the movement. Some argue that Muslims should leave the Australia where they are known for its Aussie slang and nonviolent interaction. These hecklers are afraid of the Muslim war on religion entering Australia.