Project Cinderella


If you are like me, you probably have a bunch of old formal dresses just sitting in your closet collecting dust.  Sure you told your mom you would eventually wear the gown again, but looking at it now, you just don’t see yourself ever being able to go to another event in your sparkly, floor length, breath-taker.  Have you ever thought about donating it?  This year, Indian River’s Human Rights Club is taking donations for this years Project Cinderella, in which the organization plans on helping those who are tight financially can rent a dress for free.

Starting March 17th, you can drop off your dresses to Ms. Bennett’s room 136 until March 27th.  But this isn’t the only thing you can donate.  Any jewelry, shoes or other accessories will be gladly accepted.

One of the coordinators of the event, Emma Bonk stated, “Some people just can’t afford it and there are more important things for them to save for such as college or a car to go to work.”

When the time comes, everyone is invited to try on the dresses and borrow them for absolutely no cost.  However, if you would like to further help our cause, there will be a donation jar in which you can donate money to help people afford tickets and support prom committee.  Help make dreams and wishes come true at this years’ masquerade prom and get prepared to be blown away.