#RaceTogether? What Does Starbucks Have to do With Race?


Starbucks has started a new campaign to promote racial tolerance. They are rising above the typical white girl jokes about their franchise. insulting puns about the companies new found appreciation for race have been hash-tagged and re-tweeted all over social media- “Black Coffee Matters”, “African-Americano”, and “Stolen-From-the-Gold-Coast blend”. The company owner says this campaign was launched to unite customers after the several stories of police treatment of the minority.

But is this really about uniting races or is this to redeem the company of the stereotype that white girls love Starbucks? The company has experienced a lot of criticism,  most people agreed that this was not the best way to address the situation. People posed questions such as, how would the employees approach the customers (considering how sensitive the topic can be) and how they think the customers would react. In a recent press release Starbucks went in detail about the origin of this campaign.

Although it is understandable why Starbucks is launching this campaign they may be hugely affected by the response of their consumers. This could possibly put the purchase of Starbucks drinks on the decline, although their drinks are satisfying to many. People care about the issue but is that really how they want to start their morning, they may just want to get their coffee and continue with their regular routine.