Ted Cruz Announced Bid for Presidency

The United States of America has it’s very first formally announced candidate running in the 2016 Presidential election, known as Ted Cruz. He tweeted the announcement at 12:09 am on Monday; Cruz had made a 30 second video with the title “It’s time for truth.” To judge by the video, this should be a very interesting campaign. His target is the new generation, he wants the next generation to rise up and show their courage, he said “ I’m ready to stand up with you and lead the fight.”

The Senator from Texas is running as a Republican, in what will be a crowded primary. Cruz is also held a speaking event at the University of Virginia, hoping to gain more votes on his part. His campaign appears to be strictly relying on the religious aspect, focusing on some big Christian schools. Some others that are considering running up against Cruz include Rick Santorum, the former Senator from Pennsylvania, and Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas.

The 2016 election will be the first Presidential contest that the class of 2015 is eligible to vote in.  When you think about voting take some things into consideration is this person a great leader, how good will they lead, and are they quick to spring into action at certain crisis.