Drop That Straightener! Why Not Flaunt Your Curls?


Did you know only 4 out of 10 girls with curly hair actually think their hair is beautiful, according to Dove’s recent campaign. With that perspective, wherever you go whether it be to school or work, or just when you’re walking into a store–look at the first 10 females you see, imagine 6 of those girls not liking something that is a huge part of who they are. Hair is something that is advertised greatly, you see it on models in magazines, in movies, singers in music videos. These are often people girls look up to, or that inspire you. When you look at adverts for Axe you see Photoshopped skinny straight haired woman. When you look at Dove, you see [real or normal] thick or average women flaunting the hair they were born with.

Nikki Walton is a curly hair activist, who encourages women to embrace their curls. She has her own website (curlynikki.com), this a great place for ladies with curly hair to get tips and advice on how to tame their curly mane.

Most girls don’t like their curly hair because the texture and state of their hair will change once it is dried, this is something that can not necessarily be changed but can become more manageable for naturals due to the use of protective hairstyles. Protective hairstyles are things such as braid outs, twist outs, bantu knots, and up dos that give you more control over the texture and pattern of your curls.

Now when you get out the shower there is no hiding that natural hair the water always brings your hair back to what it is meant to be, but we straighten it, and perm it as woman, when we should just let it flow. If curly hair is too frizzy try some moisturizing hair masks with products you can find at home. Believe it or not, mayonnaise moisturizes hair very well; another thing you could try is mashing up a banana into a pudding like substance it is very important not to leave chunks, otherwise it will get stuck in your hair, mix this with coconut oil warming it up prior then put the coconut oil and the heated up banana type pudding together. This will also moisturize your hair.

If you feel your hair is looking a little dim or limp, put apple cider vinegar into your hair massaging it into your roots, leaving it in for about 5-10 minutes then shampoo and condition accordingly so. When you think shampoo, watch for the ingredient sulfate, which is not good for your hair–its tends to strip your hair of natural oils, so try finding a sulfate free shampoo. For any good gel-like products to put into your hair when it dries try coconut hair smoothie it’s a clay type substance that you can work into your hair after brushing.

Changes in the weather may also be a struggle for many of us curly girls–can you say FRIZZZZZ?  But there are many ways you can help your hair make a smooth transition through the seasons. You can “winterize” your hair through the use of the LOC method, this method uses any moisturizer or hair cream of your choice and then a oil that will help to seal in the moisture and prevent your hair from getting hard or brittle during the winter months. One tool that can help with this transition is a diffuser this tool is a blow dryer attachment specifically built for curly hair.  This is better than just blow drying your hair normally or using a comb attachment because this tool will keep four curls intact and will tremendously reduce frizz.

There are also many other methods that can be used for curls who are transitioning from chemically or ceramically straightening their hair to joining the rest of us curly girls. One method use is the called the Curly Girl Method, this restricts you from using any sulfates which are bad for natural hair because it will strip you curls of their natural oils. Most shampoos contain sulfates but you can substitute these for non-sulfate shampoos.This method has been effective  for many girls with curly hair, including myself.