U.S.-Cuba Relations Warming Up as Presidents Meet

According to confirmed sources in the White House, President Obama spoke with Cuban President Raul Castro on Wednesday over the phone. The topic of conversation has not yet been disclosed, however the conversation itself represents the first time in half a century that the two nations’ leaders have spoken.

 President Obama is in Panama now at the Americas Summit, where he is expected to speak to Castro today.

 Obama’s presence at the summit is awkward, as the US recently put out sanctions against several top Venezuelan officials. Nevertheless, the warming of US-Cuban relations has made Obama’s standing in Latin-America better than years before.

 The U.S. State Department actually recommended taking Cuba off of the State Sponsors of Terrorism list on Thursday. If Obama accepts the recommendation, Cuba would be off the list within two months.

 In other US-Cuban news, John Kerry met with his Cuban parallel Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, in Panama City on Thursday, when he arrived with President Obama.

 Recent efforts by both countries to improve relations are making an impact,. With sanctions on Cuba dropped early this year, and face-to-face meetings as soon as tonight, who knows what could come of this unlikely friendship of nations?