Russell: Two star athlete

There has been a lot of discussion about Russell Wilson playing baseball. We all know that Wilson could be a two sport athlete if he really wanted to be.


The real question is that would the Seattle Seahawks be okay with that? The answer is no, Russell Wilson is the face of their franchise and they are planning to pay him more than 100 million dollars.


Wilson would not hesitate to play two sports its one of his dreams, but it just seems like that dream is just out of reach.


“You never want to kill the dream of playing two sports,” Wilson said. Wilson was asked what’s stopping him from playing two sports Wilson said: “I don’t know. I may push the envelope a little bit one of these days.”

A one day visit to Arizona to work with the Texas Rangers is okay, but playing full time with a team is just too much and is simply a dream that is out of reach. Theres just already too much Russell Wilson has to do as starting quarterback that prohibits him from making a serious effort to play professional baseball. There’s 162 games in a MLB season and theres no way he’d be able to accomplish that.