The NFL Makes PAT a Little Less of a Chip Shot

The NFL is most likely going to see a lot more two point conversion attempts with the new field goal rule. The field goal attempt is being pushed back to the fifteen yard line making it a 35 yard kick, or they could attempt a two point conversation from the two yard line. The defense can score two points by recovering a blocked kick, recovering a fumble,or intercepting a pass and running it back.


This rule change is mostly about increasing the excitement in what was mostly an unnecessary part of the game. It had almost became an automatic and a guaranteed attempt. In 2014, kickers converted 99.3 of their extra points attempt. The league often had talk of completely doing away with the play all together.

What this rule does is also make it a little tougher on the kickers. We will most likely see more two-point attempts by teams. Last season there was only 59 two-point conversion attempts. Baltimore Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh is not worried about the new rule telling reporters, “I’m OK with it. We have a good kicker. If they want to move it back to the 15 [yard line], it would be an advantage for us.”

Hopefully this rule change will bring more excitement to a play that most people got up to go to the bathroom during and just simply didn’t care about it.