8-Month-Old Baby Found Dead in Car at Ohio Walmart

Cherokie DesJardins, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday September 23rd in Macedonia, Ohio an 8-month-old baby boy was found dead in the back seat of a Buick SUV in a Walmart parking lot. Police said that a parent or guardian had been driving the vehicle.  As of press time, no charges have yet been filed.

Three siblings got out of the car and went to daycare that day. However the 8 month old baby was not taken into the center, and left in the car seat. A few hours later the grandmother took the car and drove to work at the Walmart. She did not look into the backseat and did not see the baby. At about 5:30pm the mother called the grandmother at work saying she could not find the baby, that he had not returned home from daycare.

The grandmother then went out to the parking lot and looked in the car to find the baby boy dead. Bystanders called 911.  Part of the Walmart parking lot was closed off so officials could search the scene. The car was then towed away and the parking lot was reopened.

There have been many cases of parents/guardians leaving their young children in the back seat for hours and the children dying from things such as heat exhaustion or any other weather conditions. [source? other example(s)?] If parents feel like they may forget their children in the car then they need to set a little system up to help them remember the kids. Things like taking off a shoe and putting it in the backseat where the children are will help you remember to get the kids to where they need to be. Leaving children in the car is becoming much more bigger it’s happening much more often than it really should.