Five Ways to be Nicer

Z Goodman, Kindness Bureau

Being a nice person can be great! You could easily turn someone’s day around by just one comment or a nice gesture. Being nice can not only benefit others around you but also yourself. As ABC News reported, being nice can actually make you live longer. It is also said that compassionate and nicer people can also communicate better. The benefits of being nice can help you in not only your professional life but in social settings. Here are a few ways to be a nicer person:

Ask Someone How Their Day Was: We all ask someone how they’re doing or how their day has gone in passing, but do we really take the time to get past a simple “good” response.  Ask someone how their day is and take the time to listen to them. Sometimes people just want someone they can talk to.

Be Accepting of Their Views: In discussions that address issues such as politics or casual daily debates, try to be accepting of other people’s views. Do not get too fired up over these discussions. Many times these conversations end in hurt feelings and long arguments between friends. Avoid throwing insults out and be accepting of their beliefs.

Do a Random Good Deed for Someone: A good deed does not have to be something drastic. This deed can range from something as simple as holding the door for someone to helping an old lady across the street. These good deeds can really brighten someone’s mood and turn their day around.

Compliment Someone on Something Other Than Their Looks: Complimenting someone on their looks can be nice but try complimenting someone on something other than that. These compliments can range from “You’re so smart!” to “I can see you going far in life” these are compliments that are both nice and meaningful.

Being a nice person honestly feels great. You are not only rewarding yourself but others around you. Being nice should be a lifestyle and sooner or later you will feel so much better yourself. When you’re nice, a wonderful sensation goes through your body. You think to yourself “wow I’m really making the world a better place” Although they may be tiny steps your continual nice gestures could easily transfer to other people.