Cheers for Cans! “Kans for Kids” Event at IRHS

IR Girls Raise Funds for Children’s Miracle Network

Bre Williams, Staff Reporter

Varsity cheerleaders at Watertown, and here at Indian River high school were approached by Children’s Miracle Network, and were asked to do a competitive fundraiser to help raise money for children’s hospitals all around the United States and Canada.

Children’s Miracle Network, over the years has raised more than five billion dollars from fundraisers for over 170 different children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada. These fundings go towards things to help children’s hospitals and medical research.

Children’s miracle network also gets fundraising from local stores around us, such as, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Ihop and many more. These fundraisers help with research and training for the hospitals. Also they use these fundraisers to purchase equipment for research and tools to help treat the children.

62 children enter a Children’s hospital every minute. Fundraisers such as this one help doctors, nurse, and other care providers find research on how to care for a child in a timely manner. Some children come in for minor things and others for severe. Modern hospitals require lots of technology and funding to give kids the best care.

Indian River Varsity Cheerleader coach Rowley states that “we are not getting anything from the fundraiser, just to help out.”

Simply her and her team are just helping out the hospitals and children. They also collaborated with Watertown High to help out with the fundraiser, under the idea that the rivalry will help raise money. Coach Rowley is very confident that her team will win the fundraiser competition against Watertown High.

IR community members can take their empties directly to Griff’s Redemption and make sure to say they are donating them for the CMN Indian River project.

Brianna Hemingway, Sophomore Varsity cheerleader at Indian River, says that she believes “we’re going to beat Watertown High, because Indian River is much better than Watertown.”

She also believes doing the fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network is a good thing because it helps the children and she thinks it’s “cool” for the fundraising to go towards research to help the kids. She says she is excited to see how it turns out and hope her team and school wins the competition.

The team also plans a bake sale at the Evans Mills Wal-Mart on October first.  

UPDATE: Coach Rowley indicated in an email that they will have a DJ at the Oct. 1 event, from 9am – 1 pm, and hope to fill an entire truck.