iPhone Fever Turns to Murder in St. Cloud


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Monoah Brown, Staff Reporter

Dahir Adan, a Minnesota man was was in a “joyful” and “happy” mood before heading to the local mall to purchase the new Apple iPhone 7. The man was well known locally for his good reputation and his job as a private security firm employee in St. Cloud’s Somali community.

Instead of an exciting new phone, Adan allegedly brought panic and misery to other customers when he stormed the St. Cloud mall and stabbed ten people, before being shot dead by an off-duty police officer. Two community leaders in contact with Adan’s family said that he had been acting strangely before the incident.

St. Cloud police chief William Blair Anderson told reporters, “We are trying to find everything.” Anderson said, “I want to know everything about this man, from the day he was born until last Saturday.”

No one seems to understand why Adan committed this crime, being such a great student and a great member of his community. Hali Yussuf, a director at UnitedCloud, a group that works to resolve tensions in St. Cloud claimed Adan was a “very exceptional young man.” Yussuf said, “the family is very frustrated about this, very sad.”

Law enforcement sources and Somali community leaders identified Adan on Monday. A news agency linked to ISIS, identified him as a “soldier of the Islamic state.”  They haven’t found any connections between Adan and ISIS, law enforcement finds it hard to believe. They believe it was an alone act.

“The idea that people like ISIS will claim this responsibility for us is ridiculous.” Yussuf said.

The FBI is investigating this as “a potential act of terrorism.” But so far there’s no evidence that Adan is linked with any terrorist groups.

The family of Dahir Adan has requested to see the footage of the incident, in which the suspect was said to have lunged at the victims before being shot. Yussuf praised law enforcement saying they are doing an “amazing job” at getting to the bottom of this case.

People are still very unsure to why this man stabbed the people, being in such a good mood to buy a new phone makes it really strange that he would do something so brutal. Police will continue to investigate.