Shooting Rampage in Philadelphia Leaves Young Woman Dead

Two police officers also wounded in attack

Mattylynn Dusharm, Staff Reporter

Sept. 16, in west Philadelphia, Sara Salih, a 25-year-old daughter of Ethiopian immigrants, was murdered in a shooting late Friday night, authorities told reporters for

The Philadelphia police stated a 36-year-old man who was sitting in a vehicle with her at the time was also shot, hit in both arms.  He is still hospitalized as of this writing.

The individuals were allegedly shot by 25-year-old Nicholas Glenn, who had already committed several crimes as in the shooting of the city police and two other people that Friday night shooting.

But because the apparently random shooting was part of a bloody 30-hour period in Philadelphia where over 18 different people were shot, there was much initial confusion.

Apparently Sara’s father had heard a gunshot of some sort that Friday night, having know idea his daughter was involved in the incident, however on Saturday after he got back from work, he discovered this statement to be true.

Glenn apparently started by wounding a police officer, according to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross. Ross stated that Sgt. Sylvia Young was shot by Nicholas Glenn while sitting in her squad car.  She is a nineteen-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department and still in critical condition.

The hospital released another police officer after he was in the middle of the shooting outbreak. He was caught right in the middle of it and there was nothing that could’ve really been to prevent it from happening.

Former PPD officer, now with the University of Pennsylvania, Ed Miller received treatment to his hip and ankle wound.

Shortly after a gunman shot up the first police officer, was when kept moving through the neighborhood, and he wounded three civilians, and killed Salih. Penn Officer Miller was shot while trying to confront him. He didn’t see it coming or Miller would have been more alert with his gun ready so he never would have been injured in the first place.

As authorities stated, the suspect was later identified as Nicholas Glenn, but shortly after he was shot down and killed by alert officers for his rampage, officers were still on the lookout for a possible second gunman.

It is unclear if Glenn, who had recently spent time in prison (including long stretches of solitary confinement) was targeting police or simply every he came across that night.