A Nightmare at DreamWorld – Four Dead in Ride Malfunction

Bre Williams, Staff Reporter

Tuesday October, 25, in Queensland Australia, four people died in a ride malfunction. This malfunction happened on the Thunder River Rapids Ride at the Dreamworld amusement park. Two men and two women between ages 30 – 45. According to CNN, police had numerous reports that “a number of people have been injured by a conveyor belt.”

Two of the four people that died were stuck under the conveyor belt, the other were flung off the raft. Also two children were injured in this accident, police were saying that it was a miracle they survived. One of the children was a boy, ten years old, the other was a girl and twelve years old.

According to CNN, witnesses said that the  “flume flipped after it came in contact with another carriage towards the end on the ride, tossing some of the passengers onto the conveyor belt.”

Dreamworld is the largest theme park in Australia about 45 minutes away from Brisbane.

According to CNN Craig Davidson, CEO of dreamworld, said “At this stage, the park is closed and Dreamworld is working closely with police and emergency services to establish the facts around the incident. We are deeply shocked and saddened by this and our hearts and our thoughts go to the families involved and to their loved ones.”