Amazon Pioneering No-Checkout-Line Stores

Monoah Brown, Staff Reporter

Amazon, the popular online shopping website, is creating a new a idea of opening walk in stores that are very technologically advanced.

Customers don’t have to worry about waiting in long checkout lines anymore, you just walk in and your phone connects to your phone on amazon servers. You then just pick up the item you want, and itll automatically add it to your amazon cart. If you walk out of the store with the item, it will automatically charge your amazon account.

The Seattle based company calls is, “just walk out technology.”

The store is built around amazon go, an artificial intelligence that uses sensors to track the items customers pick up.

If a customer picks up an item and later decides they don’t it, all they have to do is put it back and it will automatically be taken out of their amazon cart.

Amazon has recently been selling popular meal kits, which includes everything you’d need to cook quick for a high quality dinner.

There is one Amazon go location already, it is located in Seattle, and it’s a relatively conservative amount of space.

All you need is the amazon go app on your mobile smart phone, then you’re all set to go shopping at your local amazon go store.

These new stores are going to hopefully change the way we shop, for greater and not for less. Technology is getting crazy in 2016, there’s so much technology that helps us everyday.