Five Can’t-Miss Movies Coming in the New Year

At Least There’s Plenty of Entertainment to Look Forward to in 2017

Cheyenna Snyder, Staff Reporter

[This article was updated 12/14 based on the release of a Fast and Furious trailer.]

2017 is almost here and if you are feeling depressed with Donald Trump as our new President-elect let’s give you something to look forward to in our new year.

Next year don’t be surprised to see really great movies coming to theaters that will make you scream, cry, feel like a total badass, and fall in love all over again.

 On January 27th don’t miss your chance to watch a movie that probably all of you or most  can relate too —A Dog’s Purpose. This movie is bound to be a tear-jerker as a dog is portrayed through several lifetimes, showing humans how to love and laugh which is why we all have a pet to begin with.

If you’re not into the touchy-feely stuff don’t worry, 2017 has many bloody and horrific stuff  to keep you squirming in your seats.

On October 27,  just in time for Halloween, the gore festival begins again.  The bloody leg amputations, guts spilling, eye pulling out, torture chamber, there’s a bomb tied to your chest…the key is in the man’s stomach…you have two mins to get the key and unlock your self if you fail YOU WILL DIE…your time begins now. Saws: Legacy is bound to be a hit after waiting six years after the release of Saw seven. Be sure to get there early and to get a good seat.

Sometimes graphic violence is not people’s cup of tea and that’s completely understandable, and men who don’t really want to be dragged to a something sad or sentimental, well here’s some action.  

On April 14 Fast and Furious 8 (aka The Fate of the Furious) is zooming its way into our theatres. And yes they are still making more movies without Paul Walker, may he RIP. But that’s okay, the movie won’t let down fanboys high hopes–it’ll no doubt be full of fast cars, half-dressed women and bad guys to catch. It looks like Vin Diesel’s Dom has gone back to being one of those bad guys, on the run while Jason Statham’s Ian Shaw character is forced to work with Dwayne Johnson as a good guy to catch him. With a trifecta of shaved heads and plenty of horsepower, what could go wrong?  

Now if you’re looking for love (and lust on February 10 pretty close to Valentine’s Day make sure to watch Fifty Shades Darker. As Christian Grey tries to get Ana Steele back into his life, she makes demands and changes how their relationship will continue, and just  as they are doing well and finding stability, shady figures show up in Mr. Grey’s past determined to break them apart. Will they break or push through and stay strong? You can find out February 10th.

Last but definitely not least, Star Wars: Episode 8 is still coming, though it was pushed from May to now December of 2017.  What will Old Bearded Luke Skywalker do?  Is his new protege too old to train in the ways of the Force? Is Kylo Ren, the most emo villain of the decade, still alive?  What will poor Chewbacca do without Han Solo?