Waitaminnit–What NOT to Give for Holiday Gifts

Bre Williams, Staff Reporter

If you’re wondering what you should get friends, family, for the holidays, well, here’s some things you probably shouldn’t get.

The first gift you should never get someone is the mini iPad. The mini iPad is literally the same exact thing as the iPad 2, just smaller. The mini iPad packs the same 1024*768 display as the iPad 2, being that the mini iPad is $10 more than the iPad 2; the mini iPad also has 16GB of memory–again the same as the iPad 2.  Why wouldn’t you get a larger screen, same features, for slightly less money?

Unless you know exactly what a person wears, being their style and size, you should never get someone clothes for the holidays. Spending numerous hours in the store looking for what you think that special person might wear and like?  If they care even a little about fashion, you should just get them a gift card instead. This saves time and effort, plus you do not have to worry if you’ve wasted you are money on something that person may or may not wear.

Candles and perfumes, nobody wants to open a gift that is a candle unless they’ve asked for them specifically. Candles are only an option when someone smells or you have no idea what to get someone.

Perfumes and colognes can be a bad choice as well, just like clothing–a matter of personal taste. If someone you know ask to get perfume or other small good things you should just get them a gift card to their favorite retail store. Everyone has different opinion about smells and what they would want to smell like throughout the day, so unless it’s a specific smell or brand they want, don’t do it!

Socks and underwear, again people are picky with what style they like and how they wear their under clothing. Getting someone underwear for the holidays is not a great option especially if you do not necessarily know how they like their clothing.  Silly socks can be fun, but keep in mind that holiday-themed socks, if the recipient doesn’t wear them immediately, are not likely to get worn until next year–if at all.