Hey, Some Good Things Did Happen in 2016

Monoah Brown, Staff Reporter

2016 has been a bad year, or so it seems. With mass shootings, terrorism, political catastrophes, and just general mayhem, it might seem hard to find some good things that happened in 2016.

Taking a look at year-end reporting by groups like MarketWatch, here are half-a-dozen examples of positive things that happened this year.

1. The wild tiger population has actually increased.

Wildlife biologists say there are now close to 3,980 tigers in the world, compared to the 3,200 in 2010. This is one of the first signs of population increase in over a decade. Many environmental and animal-rights groups cheered the news.

2. India planted 50 million trees in one day, smashing a world record.

Indian officials announce that India smashes the world record for most trees planted in one day, when they planted over 50 million. The record was previously held by Pakistan when they planted 1 million in 2013. Since growing trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, this will benefit not only India but the world.

3. The Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter.

A five year, 1.7 billion mile journey, NASA has announced that their Juno spacecraft has been pulled into Jupiter’s gravitational orbit. It will remain there for a span of 20 months, giving us better information that we have ever had about the largest planet in our solar system.  

4. A viral video actually helped science come closer to finding a cure for ALS.

Apparently the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,” as seen as a popular trend of videos and stunts on the internet, has paid off in a big way. The money that was raised during this time period was used to find a breakthrough to a gene that scientists say might be the cause of this disease.

5. A plane flew around the whole world, using no fuel at all.

The Solar Impulse 2, the first plane to be built so it runs only on solar power–not a passenger plane however, but an experimental model. The plane began its journey around the whole world back in March 2015, and the trip was completed in July in Abu Dhabi.

6. The Creation of virtual reality for your phone.

A newer piece of technology, a headset that you place on your face, place your phone inside of it, and you’re ready to experience virtual reality. Very cheap versions of this have even been released, such as Google Cardboard, a VR headset made completely out of cardboard.

2016 has had its rough times, but it has also had its good moments.