Massive Philippines Jailbreak Frees Islamic Terrorists

Monoah Brown, Staff News Repackager

Police are on the hunt for prisoners after a coordinated or timed riot led to a mass prison escape in the Philippines.

At about 1:58am local time (12:15 pm Tuesday ET) around 158 inmates had escaped the North Cotabato District jail in Kidapawan city, after many armed men had attacked the the compound, according to Xavier Solda, a spokesman for the Philippines Bureau of jail management.

Solda said that over 100 armed men attacked the facility. He said that the assault lasted over two hours, killing one jail officer and injuring another.

Inmates had escaped out the back part of the facility as the attack was happening. Fourteen men have been apprehended since the incident, while six of them have been killed. The willingness of Filipino police to shoot first is part of another ongoing problem with drug gangs, with President Duterte apparently sanctioning the extrajudicial killing of criminals.

The police and investigators are under the impression that an Islamic group, Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) [- no, really, we checked, they have had the name since the 1970s- Ed.] was responsible for the attack.

According to a summary from Stanford University, MILF is a “separatist organization based in the southern Philippines. It seeks an independent Islamic state or autonomous region for the Filipino Muslim minority, known as the Moro people, who live primarily in the Philippines’ Mindanao region.”

President Duterte is, ironically, the first Mindanaoan to hold the office.  He’s only been in charge of the country since July 2016.

Acting Provincial Jail Warden Supt. Peter John Bongngat Jr. said that some of the escapees were apart of this Islamic group MILF, which is considered one of the largest and strongest separatist groups in the country.

Most of the escapees were members of the Muslim group, but the rest of the inmates just went along with the attack and plan to escape.

Filipino national and state police and investigators are still searching and trying to find the escapees and the people affiliated with the attack on the facility.

Police have said that two inmates have already voluntarily surrendered. The jails most recent population is around 1,511 inmates. It is now estimated to be about 1,400.

All of these inmates are considered very  dangerous to society and to individuals.