East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputy Killed in the Line of Duty

Angel Arno, Staff Reporter

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputy Sgt. Shawn Thomas Anderson was investigating a rape case when he was shot down near Classic Cuts business on Hatteras Avenue. Sgt. Anderson was brought to the Ochsner Medical Center late Saturday night on March 18th.

Law enforcement’s took Sgt. Anderson’s body around 2 a.m. from Ochsner Medical Center to the East Baton Rouge Coroner’s office, according to the Times Picayune Newspaper. Later that night he was pronounced dead.

His partner, who was was not named in the police press release, was also injured but made it out alive. The release stated, “Sgt. Shawn Anderson died following a struggle in which shots were fired. He and another deputy had responded to a business as part of a rape investigation.”

According to ABC News 13 reporting, the armed suspect Brandon Wiley was also hospitalized with injuries. The man’s gun allegedly went off while struggling with Sgt. Anderson and his partner.  The two only went to Classic Cuts to speak to Wiley about the charges against him.

Wiley, age 30, was not only suspected in first-degree rape, but had a criminal record already. He resisted an officer, and was previously convicted and sentenced for months in jail for illegally tattooing a minor. Also this was not the first time Wiley was convicted of a felony. Wiley was in prison for two years for possessing a firearm illegally, and arrested for aggravated battery.

In Fox News coverage, the East Baton Rouge public information director Casey Hicks stated “It is a tragic night for East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office…we are focused on working with family, praying with family, and making sure our deputies have the help and support they need.”

Stg. Anderson was a 43-year-old Louisiana deputy since 1999 and a U.S Army Veteran. Sgt. Anderson received an award in 2009 for saving a woman’s life after she climbed a bridge and threatened to jump off.  Also served 60 high-risk warrants with the SWAT in 2014.

Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie said “I think we are a very praying community and I think that thoughts and prayers are needed here, and we come together just like we always do and always have.”