Another Texas Teacher Charged with Having Sexual Relationship with Teen

So why is she smiling in her official mugshot?

Daniella Pimpinella

A Texas high school teacher has been charged with having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student, police said. After turning herself in Monday, Sarah Fowlkes, 27, was suspended from Lockhart High School.

“You’ve got a young lady who was arrested on the statement of a 17-year-old with no corroborating evidence. This isn’t a guilty person sitting there like they just got caught,” Fowlkes defense attorney told the TV station. “When everything’s fleshed out it won’t be as it appears.”

The complaint against her says that Lockhart High School students often met Fowlkes in person and communicate through text messages and they “engaged in sexual contact.”

In the (somewhat viral) image above, Fowlkes’s attorney, Jason Nassour, told KXAS-TV that the teacher grinned in her mugshot because she knows she’s innocent.

School officials learned about Fowlkes relationship with the 17-year-old teen through a report on March 10.  She was suspended due to the allegations. The Lockhart School District immediately alerted the police and the police then called Child Protective Services.

Fowlkes is a science teacher and has been working at Lockhart High School since October 2014.

“I have very high expectations for myself a teacher as well as for my students, and I hope that this will be a formula for achievement,” Fowlkes once wrote on , according the district’s website.

According to New York Daily News, Alexandria Ver, another ex-teacher in Texas was recently sentenced 10 years in prison after admitting she frequently had sex with a 13-year-old male student, who impregnated her.

The Lockhart Independent School District said in a written statement to parents that Fowlkes will not be returning to the high school.

Even if she is innocent of the charges it seems that she is still out of a job.