President Trump Gets Twitter Hate from…McDonald’s?

Mcdonald`s Vs Prestident Trump

Jasmine Davis, Staff Reporter

On Thursday March 16th at 9:16am, McDonald’s official Twitter page made a startling and insulting post directed at President Donald Trump.

President Trump has a long history for the fast food chain, and has not had a problem showing love for the brand over the years. He has even appeared in a commercial for the franchise back in 2002 to talk-up the “Big N Tasty” with the iconic Grimace character.

The tweet said “@realDonaldTrump You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would really love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands.”

This tweet was viewed over one thousand times before the account finally took it down. And at 10:30am the page then tweeted that they were “investigating” the issue.

The tweet shocked many as well as the big shots at fast food chain too. The franchise is claiming that an external person or group hacked their page and therefore the tweet was not of their doing.

They said that after being notified by the app of the compromise, they then secured the account and began their investigation.

There was a meeting held to discuss this topic, where questions were asked and the situation was better explained by officials as well as solutions offered.

Terri Hickey, one of the spokesmen for McDonald’s, during a press conference openly apologized for this hack and has stated that the external source will be located upon further investigation.

The President has not yet yet responded to this personal attack, even though it was made on his favorite social media platform.  Given the amount of time he spends tweeting about things, observers are curious about the lack of response.

It is unsure yet whether or not this war on Trump will spark a reaction from the President or not but the franchise certainly hopes for the best.

[ first published this story, but the original post has been removed from Twitter.]