Siri vs. Alexa…Now on the iPhone

Abigail Smith, Staff Reporter

Siri, the voice activated assistant for the iPhone device that was invented in 2011 has some competition with the voice assistant Alexa from Amazon. Amazon has now added their voice assistant to Apple products by including it in their main shopping application.

Users can find the voice assistant Alexa using the microphone icon on top of the Amazon app to wake up Alexa. Users can ask Alexa many questions about the weather, add certain items to the shopping basket, play music through the Amazon prime music or do simple calculations. According to the company, Alexa has over 10,000 “skills.”

Amazon has been trying to get Alexa involved with a number of devices. Already on the company’s Echo Smart Speaker, at the Consumer Electronics show earlier this year the company also announced partnerships for Alexa to be on LG’s new refrigerator.

“Alexa could bring Amazon $10 billion of revenues by 2020 from sales of devices like the echo and even voice shopping,” according to an article published by RBC Capital Markets. 

The idea of Alexa being included in Amazon’s main shopping app won’t have people downloading more software to their phones. Apple’s Siri does have a clear advantage on the iPhone because it is integrated with the software on the phone–it can control and open certain apps on the iPhone. Siri is tied into the whole iPhone with the software, and it’s easier for user to access because you don’t need a separate app to open it when all you have to do is hit your home button.

“Which artificial intelligence do I trust the most” also strikes many people as very much #firstworldproblems.  But what if it affected you personally?

In Ventnor City, New Jersey, Alexa Seary thinks it would be a horrible thing to have Siri and Alexa together.  People at her work already call her by her last name and talk to her like she really is Siri. Seary stated “If we had one in the house, it would be a complete disaster. I would scream back every time someone said ‘Alexa’ automatically or vice versa.”

Considering the number of people that have an Apple iPhone, the question remains, why would they need Alexa on Amazon? Siri is quite a popular product.  But other companies that have bet against Amazon have been surprised in the past.