Florida Woman Pleads Guilty to Forced Labor and Sex Trafficking Charges

This week’s sample of strange crime comes from…Florida (again)

Jasmine Davis, Staff Reporter

Wednesday March 27, a Florida woman plead guilty to charges of forced labor and sex trafficking to find a surrogate mother.

Esthela Clark, 47, from Jacksonville, was charged in 2015 for the illegal smuggling of a Mexican minor for sex trafficking.

Clark paid a so called “coyote” to smuggle a woman in from Mexico using false stories to the victim about wanting a safe surrogacy.

She tried to claim incompetency for that trial but was denied and the case continued. The prosecutors objected and the court found her competent enough to stand trial.

Clark supposedly assured her victim that a medical professional would witness the surrogacy but lied and forced her to undergo physical and psychological abuse.

According to prosecutors, Clark used a syringe and sperm from her boyfriend that she retrieved from used condoms in an attempt to impregnate the women.

When these efforts failed, she would force the young woman to have sex with complete strangers using threats of violence and coercion.

It was discovered that Clark fed the victim a strict diet of beans, resulting in the loss of sixty five pounds, and kept her isolated from the world.

It was also found that Clark tried to collect from the family of her victim the same amount of money that she had paid the coyote.

This case was investigated by U.S. Immigration and  the Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security, as well as state and local police. Clark faces up to twenty years in prison for her crimes.

The victim was not to named in court, but her initials Y.L. were used in order to protect her from further psychological abuse and protect her privacy.

Clark got away with keeping the girl prisoner for two years until a neighbor witnessed her washing a car in cold weather with “insufficient clothing.” Apparently the victim was allowed to go to Celebration Church, and was recognized. When the neighbor also saw signs of abuse, they phoned the authorities.