Indian River Student Council Hosts Talent Show

Daniella Pimpinella, Staff Reporter

Indian River High School’s Student Council held their 4th annual Talent Showcase on March 31, 2017. There were some amazing performances even from teachers, by “The History Buffs” (a team of social studies teachers) dancing to “Can’t stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake.

Austin Dean sang along to “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, while Alexzha Garcia & Aubrey Jimenez danced to a mixture of music. Sophia Russell sang “Oh Ms Believer” by 21 Pilots.

Jessica Guaman sang “Gravity,” by Sara Bareilles, while a group consisting of Haylee Bennett, Ysenia Olivia, Julian Garcia, Daniela Martinez, Marissa Yantz, and Heather Brancatella danced to “Evolution of Dance 3.” Emily Running recited a piece of original poetry titled “Beauty.”

Paula Martin sang “You Raise Me Up” by Lena Park, Kelley Daphness dancing to “Desperado” by Rihanna, and the last performance was by Angelique Izquierdo singing “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars.

During the performances, they did a short intermission to give the performers a little break. The Indian River High School student council is an organization dedicated to making the Indian River High School community a better place.

StuCo started doing talent shows in 2014 to let students show talents they have which might not normally fit into established curricular or extra-curricular venues.

Organizing Talent Shows on top of all those activities is such a good experience and it seems (to this observer) like a fun organization to be a part of. A talent show is an event  where participants perform talents of singing, dancing, acrobatics, acting, acting, drumming, martial arts, playing an instrument, or other activities to showcase skills.  All of these students did an amazing job during their performances and should continue to follow their dreams. They have such bright futures ahead of them.

Talent Shows is just one of many events the student council organizes. Student Council organizes Two American Red Cross Blood Drives every school year, where students are able to donate blood. They contribute various charities and activities such as food drives, hand out several scholarships to graduating Indian River Seniors.