Opinion: What We Could Do Better for Prom

Trevor Wickstrom, Staff Reporter

With Prom right around the corner, while girls are searching for dresses, and guys are searching for dates, let’s recap last year’s Prom. It was held the day before Mother’s Day, at Bonnie Castle in Alexandria Bay.

2016’s theme was An Evening On the River which had many great times which included a boat tour and dinner before prom. And some not so great times, like the date, the music, and the cramped space.

One of the most aggravating part of last year’s prom, that I’m sure many other students could agree with, is that Prom was on the day before Mother’s day. I have personally heard many other students that conveyed their displeasure with this date. Traditionally, many prom goers want to stay out after prom, or go to a friend’s house for the night, and sleep in.  This meant lots of young people not even being around to celebrate Mom’s special day.

The date was not the only upsetting part about prom last year. In an interview with Indian River senior, Courtney Trudeau, she said “they could’ve played better music, like [more] Journey and stuff like that.”

At most dances in high school, they play just about the same songs at every dance, whether it is prom, homecoming or the new winter ball. They frequently play hip-hop, rap, along with some country songs and older songs here and there.

But there are many students that would rather hear a more diverse mix of music at these dances. Like more pop, country, 80’s and 90’s.

Prom is most definitely formal, but when some of the popular songs are played, formal goes right out the door. Causing some chaos to happen on the dance floor that I’m sure parents would have love to witness. Some of this could be avoided with a freshly revised playlist.

In addition to the music, another issue that came about was the heat. Stuffing upwards of a whole senior class into a small ballroom caused a bit of a headache. Jackets came off and ties loosened from the heat in the room. With the amount of people and dancing made it uncomfortably humid in the ballroom.

Trudeau commented on this also, saying, “It was extremely hot.”

Before the actual prom dance, you could go on a boat tour, which brought you around the historic St. Lawrence river, with guides explaining different historic buildings, throughout the ride, while having a fulfilling dinner in the sunset.

Let’s see what this year’s prom has to offer.