Dr. David Dao Dragged Off United Airlines Flight

Angel Arno, Staff Reporter

As has been widely seen on social media platforms, a man was dragged off the United Airline plane by two Chicago Department of Aviation officers after refusing to give up his seat. Passengers witnessed and got video of the bloody incident.

The two officers have suspended for the outrageous act, but many people are still talking about how airlines treat their paying customers.

This past Sunday 69-year-old David Dao, was seated with his wife on the plane from Chicago O’Hare International Airport headed for Louisville.  Dao was told he must get off the plane for crew members to come aboard to get to an assignment. The Airline had overbooked the flight and needed people to get off the plane.Dao was one of the four randomly selected after no one took the offer of $400 to 800 dollars and a hotel room for getting of the plane.

At first he and his wife agreed to get off the plane. But upon realizing the next flight was not until Monday, Dao stated he is a doctor and needed to get back home to work. “He was very emphatic: I can not be late. I am a doctor. I’ve got to be there tomorrow” one witness told CNN.

When refusing to get off, officers tried to make him leave. In the multiple videos of the incident, things get bad very quickly.

Each time the officers tried harder, Dao tried even harder not to get off. Officers yelled and pulled forcefully. Dao was yanked out of his seat and the officers bashed his head off of seat arm rests when doing so. Dao was screaming and gasping for air for them to stop in the video. After the video went viral, a nightmare happened for the airline. Oscar Munoz CEO of United Airlines believed that Dao left the officers no choice, but to forcibly remove him off the plane.

Yet the Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey stated to CNN’s “New Day” on Wednesday “To have someone pay for a ticket, reserve a seat, be seated and then dragged off the plane physically by law enforcement officers at the direction of United Airlines, It is outrageous.”  Christie stated a suspension for overbooking flights.

After getting so much hate toward the United Airline, CEO got shamed for praising the employees in the video. Munoz stated to ABC News after the online outrage, that “This is not who our family at United is, and you saw us at a bad moment.” Shame was the emotion CEO Munoz felt after seeing the tape of Dao an Asian – American. “It is not much what I thought, it is what I felt …ashamed comes to mind” Munoz stated in an interview on ABC News exclusive. He vowed to never let this kind of action ever happen again on his planes.

President Trump said what happened to Dao was “horrible,” NBC News stated. Trump suggested in an Oval Office interview with the Wall Street Journal that this could have been avoided and can be avoided in the future if they remove the limits on vouchers they give for not having enough seats on the plane.

At press time it appears Dao will be fighting back in court; rumors of a very fast settlement  payment from United have not yet been confirmed.