Review: Red Robin is Actually #Yummm

Trevor Wickstrom, Food Critic

Last week my girlfriend and I decided to go out for lunch. Amid all of the different restaurants in Watertown, New York, the new Red Robin caught our eye. Even though it was lunch time and on a Saturday, it was (to our surprise) not too crowded. There was no wait whatsoever.

As we walked into this glorious sit down burger joint, we were greeted by a light-hearted host, who gave us our table after only a few minutes.

With Red Robin being a walk-in type restaurant, if it is crowded, and there’s a wait, I hope you’re wearing comfortable shoes, as there is a definite lack of wait seating.

The inside of Red Robin was clean, and had a nice modern feel to the decorations. One decoration that caught my eye was made entirely out of crayons.

Almost immediately after sitting down, our server was there to greet us politely.

Looking at the menu, it was surprisingly affordable, with a large selection of entrees. Various burgers were obviously the largest number of choices.

My girlfriend ordered a cup of Chili Chili, while I ordered the Chili Chili Cheeseburger.

On the description of my burger it states “Clean up crew not included.” But extra napkins are a must. This burger was slathered in probably the best chili I’ve eaten.

Our waitress asked if I wanted my burger “red” or “a little red” but mine was a little dry and not even “a little red.”

The cup of chili was mouthwatering, with a little kick to it.

The service was fantastic at the newly established Watertown Red Robin. We ended up having to leave before our food came out, but they were pleasant enough to put our food into a box and bring it out to us in a bag.

Paying is very simple. They have a tablet that you can pay electronically without sending your card away. On this tablet, there are multiple games you and your family can play. But those entertainments do come with a price.

All in all, I would give this fine establishment a 4.5 out of 5 stars. And would definitely recommend my friends to go there.

Just maybe think twice about the chili if say, it’s right before prom or if you are wearing nice clothes.