Decorating of Graduation Caps Allowed by Board of Education

Student leaders instrumental in decision


Courtesy of Mrs. Christina Chamberlain.

The student presentation to the Board.

Angel Arno and Abigail Smith

On May 11th, IRHS Seniors Samantha Eppley and Logan Infantine had presented their opinions, thoughts, and ideas about decorating the caps for graduation to The Board of Education.

The vote was seven to one, in favor of the change. The Board agreed to allow students to decorate their caps following a procedure that must be followed at the High School.

The next day, Indian River High school announced that seniors can decorate their caps. Superintendent James Kettrick stated to the Watertown Daily Times, “The Board wanted to acknowledge the work that was done and that they used the process of bringing it to the Board in a well-thought-out manner.”

Indian River seniors have been asking for a few years to decorate their caps yet no one has gone through the appropriate process to get it approved until now. As seniors at Indian River believed that they should have always had that opportunity for every senior to express their culture. For achieve outstanding academics in our high school career.

Watertown Daily Times stated that not decorating our caps was tradition. Mr. Kettrick stated, “It’s never been a policy, it’s been a tradition.”

Although some administrators have stated that prior classes never decorated, Warrior Ink has had at least anecdotal evidence that this might not be true.  Certain individual students may have done so in the late 1990s.

Since the decision was made, art teachers Mrs. Rowley and Ms. Turnbull have agreed to process and look over all the caps handed in before graduation. The way they laid it out was so people don’t put disrespectful or bad objects on the caps. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Struchen will be distributing the caps back to students the day of graduation while students are getting pinned and lined up.

On June 23rd Indian River students will walk across the stage with beautifully decorated caps to express their culture and personalities.