Editorial: Graduation Cap Decision Shows BoE Flexibility

The following is an endorsed editorial of the staff of Warrior Ink

Angel Arno and Abigail Smith

When the Class of 2017 found out about the Board of Education was officially letting us decorate our caps we were ecstatic. The Board showed that they respected and trusted Seniors to decorate our caps as young adults. Not to mention we have participated in a change that previous classes hadn’t been able to make.

This shows that when you put your mind to something you can do anything. That is Warrior Pride.

As Seniors we are glad that we have this opportunity to show our Warrior pride to everyone and all of our own different individuality, and to share that with all the families that will be watching us Seniors walk across that stage on June 23, 2017. Going out into the real world and start a new adventure.

On behalf of the Class of 2017, and the staff here at Warrior Ink, we extend another huge thank you to The Board of Education for hearing us seniors out, and not shutting down the idea. The members of the Board showed a willingness to listen to the great presentation and  opinions given by two great students, Logan Infantine and Samantha Eppley.

Most seniors are going to college, into the workforce, and some into the military. We all want to show how proud we are to be a part of such a good environment, and how far we made it with the help of the adults here at Indian River. Helping us through the way and helping us reach our goals that we want to achieve.

We sincerely hope that our school spirit and pride will come out as we decorate our caps, that we can now show all the parents, and families that we made it! We made it through high school and now this is our next big step of becoming an adult and going further with our lives.

Most students will move away, go to a different state or country and we probably won’t ever see each other again, but we will be able to cherish that decorated cap. Call it a keepsake of all the memories we have made at Indian River and with all of our friends forever.

Indian River will hopefully carry on this fun new tradition for other students in the future.