Marine Attempts Suicide, Police Shut Down Orlando Airport

Angel Arno, Professional Alarmist

On the night of May 30th, a suspect was taken into custody after making a suicide scene in the Orlando International Airport. The man was identified as Michael Wayne Pettigrew, a 26 year old Marine. Pettigrew was trying to attempt a “suicide by cops” according to The Washington Post.

Witnesses said the man was trying to draw in police by threatening people as they walked by in the busy airport.

Hundreds of police officers surrounded the airport, and all the roads to the airport were shut down no one was allowed to leave or enter. Traffic was snarled for hours.  Several flights were delayed or cancelled as police closed down the entire main terminal. Yet the during the three hour scene no shots were fired.

Pettigrew caused a scene due to mental issues from being in the Marine Corps, police say. “The suspect pointed the gun at the officers and said ‘shoot me, shoot me!’” the police department stated to Washington Post.

One of the traveler stated simply,  “It was scary.” The Orlando Sentinel stated “The airport lit up like Christmas.”

One of the officers in the airport named Chief John Mina, talk to Pettigrew trying to get him to surrender and get everyone out safely and peacefully. The Police Department tweeted “Gunman is in custody. Everyone is safe,” around 10 p.m local time.

Pettigrew was charged with aggravated assault with firearm on a law enforcement officer. Due to previous duty in the Marines, he is also is being held under Florida’s mental health law called Bakers Act.

This situation, though no one was killed, was not the first incident in a major airport. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is, as usual, reviewing their policies about guns near airports. Everyone was safe and sound, but it is yet another warning that airports need to take better precautions.

Guns are very easy to get in Florida, including many varieties that are illegal under New York State laws.